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The Lake Vermilion Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, community network dedicated to providing a tree of support for aspiring and local businesses. We are emphasizing on “tree” of support because every successful service starts with an untangled root system that supports its ability to thrive and grow. We want our service to have roots that assist in growing a strong foundation for the mission of our Chamber and its members. The tall trees of Northern MN grow tall and full because of what goes on underneath the soil. This is the same as any non-profit. The hours of volunteer and teamwork that goes on behind the scenes of what you see are the roots of an organization. It is our mission to begin bringing our community professionals together in a way that builds confidence and pride. The professionals in this neck of the woods deserve to be seen and provided for. Our mission is to thrive, together! 

If you want to be part of this mission you can:
Become a member
Contribute “under the water” donation (these are anonymous donations)
Volunteer (help us thrive by being part of what goes on beneath the soil) 

With care, 
Katrina Blocker
Lake Vermilion Chamber of Commerce, Director 

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Meet the Chamber

Our chamber is made possible by the hard work and dedication of the volunteers that love our area!


Katrina Blocker


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Brenda Broten

Secretary / Treasurer

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